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What is an ACL Reconstruction?

ACL reconstruction is a minimally invasive surgical tissue graft repair of an anterior cruciate, lateral ligament, found in the front of the knee. The torn ligament may either be surgically removed from the front of the joint, or preserved for reconstruction. In most cases, this kind of repair does not require arthroscopy or other major surgery.

ACL Reconstruction AdelaideThis kind of ligament repair has many benefits over traditional knee surgery. It typically involves less time off from work and sports, fewer recovery risks and fewer complications, and in some cases, there are no restrictions on activity during the rehabilitation period.

The problem that most patients of this type of surgery face is that their initial injury is not severe. The injured ligament may look and feel normal. However, it can become inflamed when it is subjected to too much force or stress, which in turn leads to a tear repair. The injured ligament may be pulled during activities, causing a loss of motion.

A doctor who performs this kind of ligament repair does so to minimize the amount of discomfort the patient experiences. The goal is to reduce the amount of force needed to heal the ligament. This minimally invasive technique also allows doctors to perform the procedure with minimal discomfort or pain for the patient.

A successful arthroscopic repair of a torn anterior cruciate lateral ligament requires the doctor to do a dissection of the ligament with an arthritic instrument. During the dissection, a surgeon will remove the entire damaged section of tissue and reattach it using arthroscopic tools.

After the initial surgery is completed, there may be minor repairs to the ligaments, such as stitches, which are placed around the torn area. Over time, more advanced repair techniques may be used. For example, microtrauma to the tissue may allow additional tissue to grow and repair the torn tissue.

The success of the repair procedure depends on the skill of the surgeon, the quality of the tissue, the length of time the patient is expected to take off from sports or work, and other factors. Some patients have problems with bruising after the procedure. This usually occurs if a large part of the turn ligament is removed during the dissection and if the incision is not completely sealed up.

A successful arthroscopic ACL reconstructive surgery Adelaide is the most common form of this type of reconstruction. Patients who have had this type of surgery have reported no pain, swelling or bruising following the procedure. Patients can resume activities within weeks.

Another important benefit is that patients who have had this type of surgery have been able to return to their normal activities quickly and without any significant limitations. The treatment process is relatively simple and often takes only a couple of days, not requiring surgery.